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We try our best to keep our Website up to date, but be sure to call us at 732-657-1144 to check on our latest tour offerings.  With new tours being planned every day, you don't want to miss out!

Although our "off the shelf" tours prices are usually based on 3-diamond AAA accommodations and most (if not all) meals included, we are pleased to tailor our tours to meet your group's budget, whether that might be the best hotel or restaurant in town or simply a clean and comfortable motor inn with a convenient eatery nearby .

We welcome your suggestions as we plan our 2016 tour program.  At Classic Tours, we're working harder to serve you better!  Where do YOU want to go?


You may think that Classic Tours caters exclusively to groups of 40 or more passengers, BUT our Classic Tour Store subsidiary offers many of Classic Tours' most popular group tours to the general public.  In other words, you don't have to belong to a club or organization to take advantage of dozens of Classic Tours' very best itineraries.  Click on the red "Classic Tour Store" button for details.  Or call 732-657-0002 for more information and a copy of the Classic Tour Store's latest listing of available travel packages.

Where do YOU want to go?
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